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"I can't recommend highly enough this self-care with purpose. It's backed up
by real understanding and shared with warmth and compassion."

Dr Katherine De Villiers, University of Oxford


Greetings! I'm Roddy Bray, an Anthropologist who specializes in promoting personal growth and wellbeing.


I provide people with essential tools from diverse disciplines and cultures to enhance self-awareness, develop skills, and enable personal growth.


My workshops, including the Being for Beginners series, have proved tranformational, with over 90% of participants reporting an improvement in their wellbeing.


I hope my work can be of great benefit to you.

Clients I Have Worked for Include:

Roddy Bray communicates big ideas in a very effective and engaging way.
Incredibly insightful and helpful.
Thought provoking, compassionate, inspiring. 
Practical and profound. Brilliantly-led sessions.
An excellent facilitator - knowledgeable and kind.​
I loved your manner, your humour, the stories and allegories.
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