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The Wellbeing Workbook


How can we find a lasting, deep sense of wellbeing?

This insightful and practical book is based on the Being for Beginners series, which was developed by Roddy Bray working with staff and students at Oxford.

The Wellbeing Workbook is concise, but rich. It provides an understanding of our feelings, thoughts and reactions, and provides tools to change and grow. The book helps readers explore how we:

  • understand our self

  • recognise and change patterns of thought

  • recognise and change patterns of emotion

  • create and change habits

  • relate to others, nature and time


The book is written for those who choose their own path, who try things for themselves. It invites you to experiment with practices and ideas. It will help you recognise and enhance your existing practices of wellbeing, add new effective tools, and connect them together into a wellbeing mindset.

To enable growth the book is practical and applicable. Every entry cuts to the point – inviting reflection on powerful themes. On the left is an insight, on the right are ways to explore and apply it. Each chapter includes quotes, a poem and questions.

Linger on each page, weigh the ideas, connect and apply them. It is a concise book, to walk with as a companion for your personal growth and wellbeing.

Wellbeing Workbook
Wellbeing Workbook
Wellbeing Workbook


The Wellbeing Workbook is available in:

  • Paperback        ISBN: 978-1-7393564-9-1

  • Hardback          ISBN: 978-1-7393564-8-4

  • Kindle

Order Copies from Amazon or ask your bookstore to source using the ISBN

Published by: Coracias

Roddy Bray communicates big ideas in a very effective and engaging way.
Incredibly insightful and helpful.
Thought provoking, compassionate, inspiring. 
Practical and profound. Brilliantly-led sessions.
An excellent facilitator - knowledgeable and kind.​
I loved your manner, your humour, the stories and allegories.
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