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Being for Beginners

"I can't recommend highly enough this self-care with purpose. It's backed up
by real understanding and shared with warmth and compassion."

Dr Katherine De Villiers, University of Oxford

About The Being for Beginners Series

"How do we enable ourselves to grow,

to be more who we want to be,

even when life is difficult?"

VIDEO: Roddy explains how B4B brings insights for personal growth and wellbeing

What is Being for Beginners?

A series of workshops, facilitated by Roddy Bray that combine insights and tools for growth with space for personal reflection. The series will give you understanding and equip you for greater wellbeing.

Who is Being for Beginners For?

Anyone who wants to move forward in their personal growth - whether you are struggling with a particular issue, seeking deeper wellbeing, or wanting to explore new ideas and practices. 

Where Do I Find B4B?


What Should I Expect?

  • Ideas from various traditions and disciplines that support personal growth and wellbeing.

  • Big questions, practical steps.

  • Time to explore and reflect.

  • Privacy and respect

  • Meditation to help connect with yourself deeper, no previous experience required.

  • A journey - starting wherever you are at, and going where you want to go (or discovering what those might be!)

What Will B4B Give Me?

  • Insight and understanding, fresh perspectives

  • New skills and practices

  • Practical ways to change and grow

  • Clarity and vision

  • Calm and encouragement

Amazing, comprehensive series. It has so much to offer… I loved the flexibility and the resources shared. Celia, Dphil Student, Oxford

I can't believe how fortunate I am to have found this course. Kumar, Researcher, Cambridge

Extremely helpful. I felt a huge difference before and after. Shefali, Researcher, Imperial

This course finally has helped me to put theories into practice. I will carry these techniques close to me, a truly transformative experience. Viktor, Professional Services, Oxford

The best course I've been on. Dominik, Masters Student, Oxford

Over 90% of respondents report that B4B has provided them with support in their:

  • sense of self-worth

  • mental and emotional health

  • ability to manage themselves and their reactions

  • work / life balance

  • understanding of others

  • sense of wellbeing

  • work and in their career development


"I am going forward from here with a more positive, hopeful and peaceful sense of the future."

Prof Mark Jenkinson, University of Oxford

  • Who is Being for Beginners For?
    B4B is a practical series that provides insights and tools for personal growth and space for reflection. This transformative approach equips and enables - whether participants are struggling with a particular issue, seeking deeper wellbeing, or wanting to explore new ideas and practices for growth.
  • What is the Approach?
    Roddy Bray facilitates Being for Beginners with an engaging style and gentle humour. He speaks from learning around the world and shares personal experience. Privacy and sensitivity are a high priority. There is no prescription. The series develops skills of meditation that support reflection and no previous experience is required. Questions and regular opportunities to reflect enable space to explore ideas and practices, to make connections and apply ideas. This unusual facilitation approach provides opportunity for private, personal growth.
  • What is the Purpose of the Series?
    To understand and experience insights and practices from various traditions and disciplines that support personal growth and wellbeing. The series combines ideas with careful and private facilitated space enabling individuals to work confidently with tools and frameworks that develop deeper self-awareness and enable change. This respectful approach empowers and improves understanding and wellbeing.
  • Where Did the Series Develop?
    Roddy Bray was asked to develop ideas and practices for wellbeing with research staff at the University of Oxford. The series emerged from that process, and it continues to be used widely in the University and elsewhere.
  • What Is The Philosophy of the Series?
    The series is not based on any particular philosophy. Anthropology is used frequently as a lens, alongside psychology and other disciplines. Fresh perspectives that improve awareness, understanding and enable change are drawn from a range of academic and cultural sources.
  • What Impact Has the Series Made?
    The series is regularly given 5* reviews on Trustpilot. ​ Data above is from over 450 feedback forms provided by participants. Feedback, given after the first and sixth workshop and over the longer term, has given us good insight into the impact of the series. ​ Participants regularly describe their experience as 'calming, useful, practical, insightful, transformative'. It provides 'tools for the toolbox'.

For Organisations and Course Convenors

I would love to speak to you about supporting personal growth and wellbeing in your organisation. My work enables change from within, it creates a wellbeing mindset and empowers growth. Improving the agency of participants supports them to own and pursue  personal development, which prevents, and helps to resolve, personal issues and strengthens a happy, flexible and creative work environment.

Please contact me. I look forward to sending you a proposal based on your needs. 

  • The Being for Beginners series can be run over zoom or in-venue

    • Zoom: typically two 1 hour workshops per week, over three weeks

    • In-Venue: Two full days, or a series of half days or one hour workshops - at your location or an external venue 

  • All participants will receive 1 month free access to the ​series online for catchup

  • In-venue participants also receive a free copy of the Wellbeing Workbook

  • Additional talks and workshops available on request

Roddy Bray communicates big ideas in a very effective and engaging way.
Incredibly insightful and helpful.
Thought provoking, compassionate, inspiring. 
Practical and profound. Brilliantly-led sessions.
An excellent facilitator - knowledgeable and kind.​
I loved your manner, your humour, the stories and allegories.
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