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"Roddy Bray communicates big ideas in a very effective and engaging way."

Prof Bastian Betthäuser, SciencesPo & University of Oxford


About Roddy

VIDEO: Anthropology, Africa, Oxford and tools for personal growth and wellbeing

Personal growth and wellbeing have always mattered most to me. My schools expected high marks in Latin and Greek, but discovering purpose and emotional intelligence were firmly absent from the timetable.

Anthropology, and moving to Africa, began to feed me with cultural and academic insights to develop greater understanding. I became a specialist anthropological guide and travelled widely, first in Africa and now around the world. I learned skills for personal growth from people in very different cultures.

Working with PhD students at Oxford in early 2020, I developed ways to facilitate workshops that enable personal growth to improve wellbeing. I share ideas, frameworks and skills that I have found useful, and create space for self-reflection to encourage greater self-awareness and ownership of wellbeing.

As the feedback and data came in, the effectiveness of this approach became clear, and I have worked widely at Oxford ever since with staff and students. The work expanded to Cambridge, Imperial and beyond.


These workshops equip, they provide tools and understanding. Most importantly they develop a mindset and confidence to grow and steer life with purpose to improve wellbeing. 

Knowing ourselves, reflecting and change are vital for individuals, but also collectively these are skills that help us work together better and develop wiser and more fulfilling lives and careers. 

University of Oxford Website

How To Connect With My Work


Being for Beginners

I facilitate the Being for Beginners (B4B) series. This is available online and for organisations. Discover more about B4B.
B4B enables greater wellbeing through  developing skills of personal growth. This popular course has provided hundreds of people with vital tools to navigate work and life with greater confidence and skill. ​

Keynote Talks & Workshops

Recognising the stresses of modern life, as a keynote speaker I show the value of personal growth as the foundation for success and wellbeing.

I facilitate workshops on these themes and address particular issues requested by organisers.

B4B Group, Wytham Woods
Keynote Talks
Antidote Notes

Antidote Notes

Published every month, Antidote Notes is a super-succinct 2 minute read that explores a wellbeing idea, through a poem, a reflection and a suggested experiment. Anyone can subscribe for free.

Read and subscribe to Antidote Notes.

Skillful Living

Skilful Living is a column for company internal newsletters. These short, informal articles progressively unfold powerful ideas for personal growth and wellbeing.

Contact me to enhance your internal communications and bring greater wellbeing to the workplace.

The Wellbeing Workbook

The Wellbeing Workbook presents the ideas and practices of Being for Beginners to explore step by step. Find out more here.

Antidote Notes, Monthly Article
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Skillful Living
Roddy Bray communicates big ideas in a very effective and engaging way.
Incredibly insightful and helpful.
Thought provoking, compassionate, inspiring. 
Practical and profound. Brilliantly-led sessions.
An excellent facilitator - knowledgeable and kind.​
I loved your manner, your humour, the stories and allegories.
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